Store’ s History

The store operated as a coffee shop that belonged to the municipality from 1990. It was an attempt by the City of Chios to make the Public Garden, as the one of the most remarkable sights, which was full of historical and cultural memories at the centre of the island, so as to attract more people, making it into a living paradise.

While years were passing, we bought the store because it started to decline. the store was totally different than it is now. It was much smaller and poorly meticulous. However, it regain its interest by making a lot of constructions like kitchen, toilet and yard. Consequently, café Kipos is a magnet of tourists of all countries, who are trying to find some leisure time, drinking coffee, and watching the beautiful landscape with the backdrop of the large fountain and palm trees.

Children’ s Party

Your children’s Birthday approaches?

You don’t know how to organize the party so as to make that day unforgettable for your child and it’ s friends?

We will take care of your child’s birthday party! We take care of the party’s decoration with balloons and we offer a dish of snacks for children and parents. This dish consists of six types of handmade delicacies accompanied with coffee or soft drink.

Children can play on swings, they can run around in the garden, being under your supervision, they can dance, they can have fun and make a wild party without willing to leave.