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Making a walk in the Kipos (Garden) of the Municipality of Chios you shall meet our coffee shop. You can rest and recover your strength after a long-term walk in the downtown or after a stressful day at work, being around of palm trees and turquoise waters.

Our coffee shop, “Kipos”, is at the center of the public Kipos of Chios and it’s a paradise relaxation where you can enjoy your coffee or any other drink of your choice, and also you can taste our handmade snacks, sweet or salt, with your company and your family.

Cafe Kipos is an ideal place for kids of any age, because there is a fenced and well - designed place. Here, children can play with swings, with no fear of hitting the floor, as there is a properly installed carpet.

The Coffee Kipos is for those who want a special evening where you have drink and chat with your friends. Low lights, soft music create a wonderful romantic atmosphere in summer and in winter within the cafe, the warmth of the space creates a beautiful and friendly environment.

You can enjoy our services daily till.... until.....

Store’ s History

The store operated as a coffee shop that belonged to the municipality from 1990. It was an attempt by the City of Chios to make the Public Garden, as the one of the most remarkable sights, which was full of historical and cultural memories at the centre of the island, so as to attract more people, making it into a living paradise.